BSides 2015 LDN CTF Challenge

CTF challenge for BSides 2015 LDN. Rookie emulation talk mrexcessive @ WHA

( update: slides from BSides at )

You can download the challenge file here

You will need python v2.7.x to run the challenge script and the flag checker, but the challenge is theoretically solvable without Python v2.7.x - though it would probably be tricky!
Other Pythons may work - untested

Two small prizes are available (see image at top). The large box has 21 steps to open, the small box 12.

  • First person to find all 8 flags and decent writeup - large prize.
  • Most entertaining writeup by someone finding at least 7 flags - smaller prize.

Challenge closes at 00:00z on 1st July 2015.
Judging for the most entertaining writeup will not begin judging until then.

Questions and submissions by email to mrexcessive AT gmail DOT com, please use the email subject "bsidesflags"